Failing to Properly Maintain Your Septic System Can be Costly

If you’re like homeowners, you don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about your septic system. As long as it’s working why would you? With minimal preventative maintenance, however, you can save yourself a lot of headaches in the future.

What are the potential issues resulting from a failed system?

  • Contamination of groundwater- When your septic system fails, the untreated contaminants can reach groundwater creating a number of health-related issues. Bacteria and viruses from human waste contaminants can cause a serious outbreak of diseases such as hepatitis or dysentery.
  • Nitrates and phosphates contained from waste can cause algae blooms in local lakes and streams causing harm to aquatic life.
  • Failed septic systems can be downright nasty. Waste odors and soggy lawns are extremely unpleasant in addition to potential health hazards.
  • The replacement of a septic system is EXPENSIVE. Just like other types of normal maintenance in your home, regular maintenance of your septic system can be the difference between a minimal yearly expenditure and replacement costs in the thousands.
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